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We offer training solutions to CEO's, newly appointed or seasoned Safety Managers/Officers and other personnel in your organisation, including the "Coffee Lady". Our approach focuses on understanding and implementation of your existing system and in the absence of a Safety system, assists those responsible to set up a SMS that is commensurate to your size, scope and complexity of operations. 

Safety is a responsibility shared by all and our training methods ensures that everybody in the organisation is involved and aware of their Safety responsibilities. Easy to implement systems are taught and we assist in creating healthy reporting cultures, Safety performance measurement tools, risk assessment and mitigation as well as all the other requirements for a healthy Safety system throughout the organisation. 

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Very often we encounter Commercial Aviation Organisations that seem to lack a basic understanding of the principles of Commercial Aviation Management. This is due to a variety of factors such as complicated Regulatory Environments, insufficient knowledge during start-up or new appointees in the organisation.

To assist we offer a basic training program that simplifies the complexities of Aviation Management - especially for RPAS/Drone companies that are relatively new to the world of Aviation.

This program is very valuable to lay a solid foundation to any person that forms part of an Aviation Organisation. It is presented at your premises, using scenario based training applicable to your services offered.

Each program is custom built and we request that you Contact Us with your Aviation 101 training needs well in advance to allow us to develop a tailor made program for you.



Simplifying the Complexities of Aviation Management