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professional safety guidance

Clients, Aviation Regulators and Third Party Standards require Aviation Providers to have an established occurrence reporting system in place that provides critical safety data to the organization. The purpose of these reporting systems is to determine Safety trends, measure the Safety performance, continuously improve the Safety management in the organization and also to serve as pro-active and predictive Safety indicators.

However, human beings tend NOT to report for a variety of reasons. Mainly it is because of their fear of retribution by management or simply because they might expose a perceived weakness in themselves or their organization. Add to this the often lacking feedback system from the management component to such reports and you end up with a reporting system that only exists in writing; not providing proper guidance nor fulfilling its intended purpose.

To solve this, we've created our Safety Gatekeeper Program which is offered to Aviation Service Providers.

In essence, 22 Degrees South Aviation becomes the "Gatekeeper" to your organization's Safety reports by serving as the link between employees and management in an anonymous capacity. This allows employees to openly and honestly report hazards, incidents and occurrences that otherwise might have remained hidden.

How it works

  • An occurrence report is submitted to us by an employee, either through a web based form or specifically created email address.
  • The assigned Gatekeeper sends an acknowledgement to the originator of the report within 24 hours.
  • The report is de-identified before a summarised version of the occurrence is captured on our database and distributed throughout the Aviation Organization's personnel by means of a Safety Bulletin.
  • The Gatekeeper determines the appropriate course of action to take based on the contents of the report. This might entail further investigation of the occurrence, adding topics to the next safety meeting, issuing of Safety bulletins or recommending additional training. In all cases, the report will form part of the Safety trend analysis data captured by us and communicated to the management of the organization on a monthly basis.
  • In the event of an investigation an independent, fair and in-depth investigation process is followed after which recommendations are made to management and followed up by us to ensure implementation.
  • All reports and if applicable, investigation findings and recommendations, are communicated throughout the organization upon completion ensuring a transparent process is followed.

About our Gatekeepers

22 Degrees South Aviation only assigns Gatekeepers that hold the necessary experience and qualifications for this sensitive position. These individuals all served as Safety Managers, Investigators and Instructors in Aviation Safety Management Systems and must have a minimum of 5 years proven experience in these roles.

Their qualifications range from academic degrees to pilot/engineering licenses. All Gatekeepers have completed basic ICAO endorsed Safety Management Systems Courses, Aviation Quality Management Courses, CRM and 22 Degrees South Aviation Induction Training as a minimum. Depending on the size, scope and complexity of the Aviation Service Provider, a suitably qualified and experienced Gatekeeper is assigned to the organization.

Gatekeepers are not mandated nor compelled to share any confidential information with us or the management of any organization they are assigned to. Their personal identity remains confidential. For personal interactions during investigations, seperate individuals are utilised to ensure the integrity and trust offered during such processes.

Additional Benefits

  • Monthly Safety Performance Report based on Occurrence Reports received;
  • Enhanced Safety Reporting;
  • Independent Safety Investigations;
  • Expert Advice;
  • Enhanced Safety Performance.


Serving as the link between employees and management - anonymously

safety gatekeeper program


ensuring safety integrity; enhancing trust

Mandatory reporting systems

Not mandated nor compelled to share confidential information - independent

Experienced professionals

Human beings tend NOT to report