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We provide a full range of auditing services for RPAS, similar to manned flight.

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Having authored multiple documents related to Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) since first assisting the industry in 2013, we are confident that our experience and understanding in this area of Aviation will continue to serve our Clients well.

We primarily provide Clients with the following Documentation for RPAS:

  • Operations Manuals and Amendments;
  • Safety and Quality Management Manuals;
  • Client Internal RPAS Standards;
  • Security Manuals;
  • Safety Cases;
  • Risk Assessments and associated Procedures and Checklists;
  • Operational Check Lists and Forms/Documents.

A vast amount of our work is already approved by National Regulators and we remain very proud of our continuing high standards in delivering unique and compliant documentation to industry.

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Rpas auditing services

RPAS Operators, Clients of this technology and Aviation Regulators all require proper hazard and risk identification and management solutions. This is integral to ensuring safe RPAS operations.

Our hazard and risk identification and management solutions allows our Clients to receive the most relevant, compliant and practical advice to identify and manage hazards and risks in any RPAS operation.

A shared responsibility exists between all employees of a RPAS operation to identify and report hazards and risks. Our solutions provide easy and robust mechanisms and training to all employees to empower them with the right knowledge and skills to manage aviation risk in the organisation.

Identifying hazards and risks is only the first part of risk management. The actions taken by the organisation as a result of being made aware of these threats often distinguishes the truly safe operation from the mediocre one.

Allow us to assist you to become the safe rather than average organisation through compliant, safe and lasting risk management services. 

Multiple public speaking engagements, training sessions, information sessions and full blown presentations on specific RPAS subjects delivered to International Audiences and Operators alike ensures that your target group will receive well researched, accurate and value adding information during such events.

Having authored papers on the subject while conducting continuous research in this fast evolving Aviation field enables us to provide our Clients with unrivaled and passionate advice and solutions. 

Please Contact Us well in advance should you require a presentation on this subject to ensure our availability.

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