If time is your enemy, we strongly advise that you use a reputable and trustworthy consultant. The biggest reason for this is simply that they know the process, know the people at CAA/Council and because you pay them, are motivated throughout the process, even when it goes a bit quiet and you don’t hear anything for a while from the CAA.

One example worth sharing: We had a client that tried to do this on their own and after struggling for just over 2 years, ended up with us; angry and frustrated. Luckily, we were able to help them get the ROC in just over 7 months.

Another client came straight to us from day one, let us do our thing and they got their commercial ROC after 9 months – the quickest one yet!

Time is money especially in the drone business. If you cannot afford to wait longer than is necessary, consider using a consultant.

Great question!

There’s enough fake stuff out there, so we recommend that you do the following to help establish if the company that you want to use is the real deal:

  1. Ask the CAA if they know these people and have worked with them in the past.
  2. Ask the consultant company permission to contact at least three to five of their previous ROC clients and hear from those ROC’s about this consultancy.
  3. Check the consultants’ website and social media sites/posts.
  4. Call them and talk to them. You will know really quickly if they know what they are talking about or whether they are just talking a lot without saying anything!

Consultant or No Consultant?

Drone Consulting and Auditing

How do I know if a consultant is reputable and trustworthy?