how many people do i need for a roc?

Drone Consulting and Auditing


A minimum of two. (Each one doing three jobs!)

But then you cannot have a complicated outfit, for instance a lot of drones flying every day at different sites with lots of people employed. If your business is small and you have one or two drones that you and your partner will operate alone, then two people can work.

For a ROC, you need six “Post Holders”. These are the required jobs that the CAA demands. Even though there are six jobs, a minimum of two people can do it in a non-complex organisation as explained above.

The jobs are:

  1. Accountable Manager (CEO or MD etc.)
  2. Responsible Person: Flight Operations (Flight Operations Manager, normally pilot also)
  3. Responsible Person: Aircraft (In charge of all the Maintenance of the drones)
  4. Aviation Safety Manager (Aviation Safety is a big thing!)
  5. Quality Manager (The person checking if you comply to Part 101)
  6. Security Manager (The person in charge of Aviation Security)

If you only have two people and not a complex operation, we recommend that you combine these six jobs as follows:

Person 1:

Accountable Manager / Responsible Person: Flight Operations / Responsible Person: Aircraft

Person 2:

Aviation Safety Manager / Quality Manager / Security Manager

Remember, you cannot combine the CEO with either Safety or Quality.