Drone Consulting and Auditing

Email: info@22south.com

About 12 -18 months for a standard commercial ROC. This means no fancy stuff like lots of different types of drones or complicated operations (Controlled Airspace/BVLOS etc.).

To ensure that your ROC goes as smooth as possible, try these tips:

  1. Whenever you submit any paperwork to the CAA or to the Air Service Licensing Council, make absolutely sure that it is filled in perfectly. Check and check again and again and again before you submit. Comebacks in this area is probably the biggest cause of delays.
  2. When you submit your RPAS Operations Manual, Maintenance Programme and Safety Case to the CAA, it must be as good as it can possibly be. Else, there will be comebacks and these will certainly delay your process by a long time.
  3. Respond to either the CAA or your consultant with information when they ask for it as soon as you can.
  4. Contact us or your own consultants before you start the process. This is to ensure that you are prepared and that all the required things that can take time are sorted out before you start the process. Examples include registration of your company, training for pilots and others and knowing exactly what you want to do with drones.
  5. Read through Part 101 a few times to ensure that you have a good understanding of the regulations even if it will not make a lot of sense at first! Also, remember to check the CAA’s website. Here is the link: SACAA Drone Page

how long before i get my roc?