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General Purpose

The primary purpose of distributing these Aviation Safety Bulletins (ASB) is to create awareness, not only within our Customer group, but also to the general industry.

We found that a lot of Aviation Providers struggle to keep up with relevant, safety critical issues in their areas of responsibilities and as a result, started this service to help them.

How to use these Bulletins

Depending on the type or content of the ASB, we recommend that the person responsible for Safety Management in your Organisation download these notices and share them with your employees as appropriate. 

Explanation of ASB Grading and Color Codes





March, 2017

ASB001.2017​_07 Mar 2017 - "Procedural change for South African ROC Operators flying in Controlled Airspace"

April, 2017

ASB002.2017_06 Apr 2017 - "Accessing CAMU Daily Flight Plan" (Applicable to RSA only)"

ASB003.2017_10 Apr 2017 - "EASA Notice – Loss of Control, Rotor Wing"

Jul, 2017

ASB005.2017_13 Jul 2017 - "Experimental RPAS Flight Operations"

ASB006.2017_13 Jul 2017 - "RPAS Flight Approval at Public Events"

Sep, 2017

ASB007.2017_20 Sep 2017- "RPAS Flights over National Key Points and Restricted / Prohibited Airspace"


March, 2017
ASB001.2018​_02 Mar 2018 - "Requirement for Dangerous Goods Training & Published Procedures"

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