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gap analysis

This service allows a Client to obtain an independent and thorough review of an Aviation Services Provider's Documentation.

We consider multiple items in such a review and among other items, focus on the following:

  • Basic approvals from the National Regulator;
  • Document Control Principles;
  • Quality and Applicability of Procedures;
  • Compliance levels of Documentation;
  • Cross Referencing and Integration with other Publications in the Organisation.

The main purpose of a remote desktop audit is to deliver a comprehensive overview to the Client of the Aviation Provider's Systems, Processes and Procedures in use. It allows the Client to identify shortcomings and more importantly, the basic compliance levels of an Aviation Provider.

Aviation Audits can be stressful, complicated and very intrusive. They are designed to determine the level of compliance of an organisation to specified criteria. To obtain an objective, accurate and independent result, suitably qualified and experienced people are needed.

These individuals must also poses certain personality skills and be able to uncover the truth in a manner that does not cause friction or conflict with the people that oversee and/or implement the system, process or procedure being audited; not an easy task.

At 22 Degrees South Aviation, our Aviation Advisors are carefully vetted to ensure both their technical abilities and qualifications as well as personal skill sets meet our strict standards. As a minimum, our Advisors must:

  • Hold an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Lead Auditor or similar Qualification;
  • Hold or have held at least a Pilot's license or Maintenance Engineer Certification in the area of Auditing;
  • Have at least 5 years Commercial Aviation Auditing Experience;
  • Have at least 10 years appropriate work experience within the Commercial Aviation Sector;
  • Have conducted at least 3 full Operational Safety Aviation Audits in the previous 12 months, recurring;
  • Have successfully completed the 22 Degrees South Aviation Auditor Induction Training Course.

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certificate of COMPLIANCE


determination of compliance gap
experienced, qualified, professional

This service considers all aspects of the Aviation Service Provider's organisation and any additional items specified by the Client. Included, but not limited in the Scope of Audit:

  • Management Oversight;
  • Safety Management System;
  • Quality Management System;
  • Flight Operations System;
  • Maintenance Oversight;
  • Aircraft.

Audit criteria includes as a minimum National Regulatory Requirements and Industry Best Practices. Additionally, Clients have the option of selecting a variety of additional International Aviation Standards to audit against such as IOGP, UN, WFP and their own Aviation Standards.

For Aviation Service Providers that wish to obtain a 22 Degrees South Aviation Certificate of Compliance, such a provider must successfully complete a full operational and safety audit based on our own developed Standards and Recommended Practices. The certificate is valid for a period of 12 months and all successful candidates are listed on our website as an "Approved Operator". Click here to see an example Certificate of Compliance.

In some instances, Aviation Providers need to determine their own level of compliance to a published standard. To enable a Client or Aviation Provider to make an accurate determination,  a Gap Analysis is used.

At 22 Degrees South Aviation, we provide this service and in addition to a clear, detailed and professional report, a proposed Action Plan is also included with suggested timelines to use in closing some of the Gaps identified.

We have performed Gap Analysis to International Standards such as IOGP 390/410, UK CAP 722, UN AVSTADS, WFP and FSF BARS and are comfortable to assist you with not just these Standards, but also others not noted here, inclusive of local National Aviation Regulatory Standards. 


full operational safety audit

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