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Almost daily, we are asked by our Clients: "But how can I be sure that this Aviation Provider is really safe?"

To answer that question in a quantifiable, substantial and accurate manner is nearly impossible. The only method through which we believe any Aviation Provider (or organisation) can truly be determined as being "Safe" is to undergo a Safety Culture Assessment.

This Assessment Service offered was derived through years of Academic research, decades worth of practical Aviation experience and a hunger to understand human behaviour in high risk environments such as Aviation.

The Safety Culture Assessment process follows a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of implementation and quality of oversight observed on multiple levels of appointed positions in an Aviation Provider's system. It is not a "Tick Box" exercise and provides for load factors on items that truly affects Aviation Safety in any organisation.  

For a comprehensive overview, inclusive of an actionable report of an Aviation Provider's state of Safety, Contact Us to find out more about this process today.

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Advisory services

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When considering the use of an Aviation Service Provider, a Company must have the confidence and assurance that such a provider is capable, compliant and above all else, safe to perform the needed services.

To facilitate such assurance, tender scopes and parameters are set up and can be complicated when it concerns Aviation due to the excessive regulatory requirements expected of providers.

At 22 Degrees South Aviation, we have significant experience in assisting Companies determine these scopes, assessing and eliminating potential providers and also, auditing such providers that are identified on a short list. Our system is designed to provide for load factors that fairly reflect both Aviation Safety critical components and commercial considerations leaving our Clients with clear and actionable information to enable them to select the most appropriate provider the first time. 

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​​To provide proper and lasting solutions in the Aviation industry, the ability to conduct and utilize thorough research is critical.

On occasion, we have been requested to determine the accident causation factors of scheduled air services providers in certain geographical areas around the Globe, design a new helicopter offshore tender evaluation system and research and develop a commercial unmanned operation application, inclusive of documentation and Safety case for our clients (in the absence of Aviation Regulations).

These projects demanded proper research skills and we are proud to have successfully provided these Clients with accurate, useable and actionable information to be able to make the right (educated) decisions and reach their goals.

While research can be timeous and expensive, we feel that the considered outcomes that follow as a result adds enormous value to the process.