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About Us

“they have always been willing to share their wealth of knowledge and apply it to our operation"

​safety manager - halo aviation


Our core value. 

We believe in earning your Trust and our whole approach to service delivery and Client satisfaction is centered around this concept.

Our Clients become long time partners and we very much value the trust they place in our abilities, services and assistance.


  • to ensure client care & satisfaction;
  • Ensuring financial reward is never a top key performance indicator;​
  • providing verifiable, honest information to Clients that always champions Safety;
  • to always provide innovative and dynamic services.

Aviation Companies are unique and solutions should be customized to compliment each operation individually. We provide innovative alternatives to mainstream options such as customized safety performance measurement, safety culture assessments, tailor-made risk mitigation measures and Company specific compliance tools.

“i have seldom met people with such a clear understanding and passion for aviation safety"

​ceo - utAIR sa


Military, Police and Civilian Piloting & Maintenance experience;

Former Directors (Safety, Quality and Flight Operations) in Commercial Aviation Companies;

Independent Aviation Advisors;

Variety of Aviation courses;

Presenters at International Aviation Safety/Quality Summits;

Key note speakers at Aviation Conferences;

Multiple International Audits.


All our services are focused on our obsession with Aviation Safety. 

Our total dedication to safety enhancement, growth and understanding is absolute and non-negotiable. We fundamentally believe that continuous growth is critical to safety, not optional.