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We have done most DJI approvals: from Class 1A to 4B

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From Canada to Africa we have been invited to lecture on drones

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We help people with:

  1. The RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC) process - including the Air Service License (ASL);
  2. Obtaining an ATO (Aviation Training Organisation) certificate;
  3. Auditing of drone companies;
  4. Writing drone standards and regulations; and
  5. Doing in-house training to help our clients understand aviation better.

We have done this since 2016 and helped more than 20 companies get certified in South Africa alone. We've also helped companies outside of South Africa with ROC's and Auditing.

When we audit drone companies, it is mostly on behalf of big corporates like Oil and Gas or Mining companies who is looking for a safe and reliable drone operator. Other times we audit because drone companies contact us if they want to improve their services or make sure they are doing everything right.

Another interesting part of our job is to help drone companies to get compliant to international standards such as BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) or IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers). This means we write special procedures and design different processes for these ROC's that goes beyond the CAA's requirements.

Lastly, we have also written the drone laws of a country and the internal drone standards for a huge mining company. It means we also get into the research and development space and do a bit of training at your offices if you feel that all this commercial aviation stuff is getting to be a bit much!

If you want to invite us to 'talk drone', it is helpful to know we've done multiple lectures, training and hosted forums in a few countries and you will benefit from those experiences when we help you.

Helping drone companies succeed through trusted safety and compliance advice

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